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popsurrealism's Journal

Pop Surrealism, Underground, Lowbrow Art
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for those interested in Pop Surrealism (also known as lowbrow and underground art).

Though the title "Pop Surrealism" (as well as "Lowbrow" etc) is in contention, it is used here strictly for the purposes of convenience.

What is this community for?

1. To share and discuss the works of artists who you might see in sources such as Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art, Weirdo Deluxe, Juxtapoz etc.

2. To share and discuss the work of lesser known artists (yourself included) who you think might somehow fit into this genre.

3. To discuss the Pop Surrealism movement (its historical context, what makes an artwork "pop surrealist" etc), the contention surrounding the term "Pop Surrealism", any thoughts, ideas etc that you might have about Pop Surrealism.

4. To make people aware of any exhibitions, auctions or competitions relating to Pop Surrealism that might be going on.

5. If this community is successful enough, I think it would be fun to throw competitions and such. I will make posts to this effect from time to time with and requesting suggetions.


a. Please use your discernment when posting images, place anything that is particularly large behind a lj-cut, and if you're posting to this community simply to promote yourself, that's fine, but please don't do it every day or anything like that!

b. Please make some sort of attempt at decent grammar, spelling and formatting of your posts. Nobody expects perfection (least of all me!) but try to keep things tidy and readable.

c. Last but not least, please be respectful to the other members of this community. Any two-year olds who come in throwing tantrums and brandishing flamethrowers will be giving a good firm spanking.

Your loving moderator jngaio

P.S. Also, check out the sister community lowbrow, created by ghost_girl to spread lowbrow high and...low! Eh heh heh.